Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, sits off the mainland on an island in the Persian Gulf. Its focus on oil exports and commerce is reflected by the skyline’s modern towers and shopping megacenters such as Abu Dhabi and Marina malls. Beneath white-marble domes, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque features an immense Persian carpet, crystal chandeliers and capacity for 41,000 worshipers. With rich culture and heritage, may of the hotels and resorts in this city have an Arabian feel to it. Guests at your wedding will be amazed by the huge pillars, ceilings, carved walls and ornamented fixtures at the huge venues ideal for weddings.

In addition to the palatial venues, the city also has limited beachfront spaces to call your vows before a sunset and capture some great memories at a pre-wedding video or photo-shoot. Abu Dhabi is approximately 200 km. from its sister city Dubai.